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In All You Do Strive to be Fertile!

Fertile Optimism started for those choosing to work all possible angles towards natural conception and childbirth and who strongly believe that proper care and maintenance of self are the contributing role in optimizing fertility towards the goal of bringing forth a healthy child.  Over time we have also come to understand that being “optimistically fertile” involves a respectful understanding of the whole transition of women, their transition from womb (reproduction) to heart (wisdom).  Fertile Optimism involves not just a woman’s reproductive years but her entire journey in life.  It is Fertile Optimism’s desire to provide a true optimism for those who are on a baby making journey, on the thresholds of motherhood or transitioning through their advanced reproductive years. It is our hope that the information on this and our sister sites as well as the services we provide will give refreshment from the draining pessimism that may come from colleagues, healthcare professionals, friends or family that may disregard your deeper wisdom of self.

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These resources are for those that feel that the signals they get from self are stronger and speak louder than the words of conventional medicine, those that believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself given the proper tools, diet, movement, bodywork and relaxation for the balancing of hormones and the removal of all interfering obstacles.

The resources outlined are those that have been tried or utilized in journeys towards fertility and conception.  It is our wish that you may be helped even a little by taking an optimistic stance in your journey toward natural fertility, conception and the transitional period. May your journey in utilizing natural resources if you so choose and in your desire to remain optimist towards the goal to bring to birth a happy and healthy child and or in having a well meaning and balanced life be a refreshing reality.  For all of this is Fertile Optimism.

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Remaining optimist towards the goal of bringing to birth a happy and healthy child., for this is Fertile Optimism